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FAQs Los Angeles Hot Dirty Mud Run 

Mud Run  June 16 2018

Los Angeles Event Race Day Information

​ 5k Mud Run Race Day Information

Hot an Dirty Mud Run venue is TBA

Gates open at 8:00am 
We have plenty of parking inside the venue.
Parking is $10.00 per car. VIP parking up close $15.00

Please arrive early to check in and get ready. At least 1 hour before for your wave time is to start.

Please leave all personal belongings in your locked car during your run. We have a key check at the check in tent so you don't lose your keys during your run.

Information / Helpful Tips

All participants should check in 45 minutes before their wave is to start. 1st wave is 5k competitive wave and starts at 9:00am and 2nd wave is 5k and starts at 9:30am. The 3rd 5k wave starts at 10:00  and every 30 minutes another 5k wave starts. The last 5k wave is 12:30. Our volunteer wave runs at 1:00.

Our kids 1k run ages 7 to12 starts at 1:30  once all adult 5k runners have completed the course.  

All runners should warm up and stretch then proceed to the starting area 15 minutes prior to your starting time in order to keep the event running on time.

Mud Run FAQ's

When will it start?
The gates and check in will open at 8:00am
The race for individuals starts at 9:00AM promptly.
Open Sized Teams will be grouped into waves and begin anywhere from 10:00am onward, depending on the number of participants. You should arrive one hour early to check in and get your bib number and be at the starting line 15 minutes before your wave start time.

How long is the run?
Just over a 5k, more than 3 miles, less than 3 1/2
I've never run a mud run, what makes it different from a regular 5k?
A LOT! More people and with professionally built obstacles and multiple mud pits to run, crawl and jump through. Expect to get muddy (over and over again)!

What kind of obstacles will there be?
The obstacles include jump walls of varying height, tires to step through, ramps to run up and over, nets to crawl under, rope climb, stump alley, muddy hill rope climb, and our amazing Water Slides! But the "main event" obstacles are the mud pits. And there are five of them! And some with naturally formed dirt mounds and hills. If you are not competitive, don't worry. While we encourage you to try each obstacle, if it is more fun for you to skip it, we won't tell. Our course is tough, be we're all about the fun!

Can I skip an obstacle?
The way we see it, this is YOUR RUN. You paid to do the course - why not actually do it? You will only get out of it what you put into it. If you think a particular obstacle appears to be too difficult, try it. You will never know what you are capable of if you don't push yourself! There is no penalty for skipping obstacles. Rather than skipping obstacles, you are encouraged to work together to help each other complete the obstacles in a timely manner.
How much does it cost for parking?
Parking is $10.00 for General, $15.00 for VIP per car paid directly to parking staff. Please bring exact change; cash only. Please carpool to help save fuel and space in our lots.

Where do I check in?
Once arriving on site, participants should proceed to the Registration area immediately to check in. At check in you will need to show your ID and then you will receive your race bib, wristband, T-shirt and confirm your wave time.

Will you have a key check at the venue?
Yes we will. We recommend leaving all personal items locked in the car. Then check your keys at check in.
What should I bring?
Photo identification

Change of clothes and shoes, cash for post-event party food and beverage, 
Chair to sit in.

Can I volunteer? 
Yes, and we appreciate the help. Please email  
Will there be photos taken?
Yes. Please put your race Numbers on the FRONT of your shirt/costume if you want your pictures. You will be able to view photos on the website or on our facebook page. Photos taken of you, where your race bib/number is clearly visible in the event photos. Please make sure we have your current email on file too.

Will you have showers for us to rinse off?
We will have over 10 Showers to help for a quick rinse off.

What if it rains?
Better yet. More mud! The Mud Run goes on, rain or shine.
Can we wear costumes in the run?
Go for it! We encourage you to get as creative as you want. Just make sure the costume does not impair your vision, prevent you from breathing normally, or can potentially make you trip or get snagged on an obstacle.

Will you have a designated kid's race course area?
Yes. Our 1k Kid's Course is the lower part of the 5k course with 20 obstacles and it is the last race of the day. You can easily watch your kids run this course. Must be age 6-12 to run in the kid's race. Registration is $20.00 online. Or $25.00 the day of the event at the registration tent CASH ONLY. All children must be respectful of other children, we encourage parents to run the course with the kids free of charge.
Can I bring my dog? 
Sorry, but the venue contractually does not allow us to allow you to bring pets of any type onto the property.

Will you have food and beverages available for sale?
Yes, our food vendors will offer a variety of food and drink options with a beer garden for 21 years old and over. We have a picnic area with picnic tables to eat at. Recycling bins for aluminum cans, plastic and glass beverage bottles will be available.            

Will you have entertainment after the race?
Yes, there will be  a DJ  playing music during the race and throughout the day. And lots of people watching. The main entertainment will be all around you and on the course!

What do I do with all of muddy clothes/shoes after the race?
Bring a water tight/plastic bag to hold your muddy clothes. We will have a shoe recycling drop off box. Muddy shoes will be collected and cleaned and then donated to a needy cause. 

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