Hot Dirty Mud Run Obstacles

Our course is designed for a fun workout for all levels of fitness. Are you ready to be challenged?

Our 5k mud run course has over 50 obstacles some are natural and some are constructed out of wood and various other materials. You’ll run hills and trails, slide down 6 water slides, run, jump, climb and crawl through 15 mud pits, climb 15 different wood walls, leap stump alley and over hurdles and face a host of other challenges all while running through an awesome combination of scenic hills, canyon trails, flat roads, and our obstacle arena where spectators can watch and take photos of their friends and family close up. In the arena we have two mud pits, two ladder walls, rope climb, floating boat obstacle and 3 mud pit crawls before the finish line! And unlike the other guys, we hate to see back-ups on our courses so we limit each wave of runners to 100 to avoid backups on the obstacles. When you cross the finish line you receive a finishers medal and a bottle of water to quench your thirst. Also free swag. Just after the finish line are the showers to wash off the mud and cool down. Then head over to the after party festivities.

OUR Obstacles Pictures

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Obstacles list

Hot Dirty Mud Run 5k Course

  1. The mud coral. Climb, jump, crawl
  2. 3 Mud Pits & log jump over #1,2,3
  3. Slippery Ramp Rope Climb
  4. Mud Pit Crossing #4
  5. Natural Rock Formation Climb #1&2
  6. Triple Walls 2- 4’ft Walls 1-6’ft Wall
  7. The Canyon Trail Climb
  8. A-Frame Rope Wall Climb
  9. New Water Slide 120’ft
  10. Wooden Wheel
  11. 80’FT Water Slide
  12. Uphill Slippery Steep Climb
  13. New 60’ft Water Slide
  14. Cliff Rope Climb
  15. Mud Pit #5 Beam Jump Wall Climb
  16. 8’ft Wall Climb
  17. 30’ft Water Slide
  18. Chainlink Climb
  19. Balance Beam Walk
  20. Inverted Ladder Wall
  21. Bridge Crossing
  22. Tire Crossing
  23. Mud Pit #6
  24. Spider Web Maze
  25. 5″ Beam Walk and Wheel Climb
  26. Mud Pit #7 Pipe Crawl
  27. Steep 10’ft Rope Wall
  28. Mud Pit #8
  29. Stump Alley Crossing
  30. Lower Water Slide 1
  31. Muddy Hill Rope Climb
  32. Lower Water Slide 2
  33. 30’ft Log Walk over water pit
  34. 10’ft ladder wall
  35. 12’ft Tire Wall Climb
  36. New Rope Swing Mud Pit #9
  37. Mud Pit #10 Tunnel Crawl
  38. Mud Pit #11 with logs
  39. 10’ft A-Frame Ladder Wall Climb
  40. 12’ft ladder wall
  41. Mud Pit #12
  42. Floating Boat Obstacle
  43. Water obstacle pit crossing
  44. Mud Pit #13 Tube Crawl
  45. 12’ft Rope Climb
  46. 8’ft Ladder Wall
  47. Steeple Climb
  48. Mud Pit #14 chain link crawl
  49. Mud Pit #15 wire crawl to finish
  50. To be a surprise

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