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run, jump, crawl, climb, pull,  and slide down a variety of  obstacles.
These are just a handful of the activities runners might perform during obstacle course races—also known as OCRs or mud runs—which are exploding in popularity.
Each year, millions of participants take to obstacle courses around the world to challenge their athleticism, toughness and determination on miles of dirt paths, in muddy water and past semi-insane obstacles. And each year, participation numbers continue to grow.
According to statistics from Running USA on non-traditional running events, the number of people taking part in mud runs and obstacle course races has significantly risen from 2009 to 2013, while half marathon and marathon participation has seen only modest growth.
Meanwhile, the number of OCR events is certainly keeping up with the demand. A search for mud runs and obstacle course races on, for example, yields more than 2,000 races to choose from. No longer are road races the only option for those looking to become healthier and more active. Mud runs are fitness fun for everyone.

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